Rosy Boa Substrate

Rosy boa also scientifically known as Lichanura trivirgata and a few other sand boas present the most unique species in the existing 53 species of the Boidae family. The boas can be kept by both expert and beginners especially when space is limited. This presents easy to handle snakes that can easily be reared in a very small space since they easily adapt in such spaces. To ensure their health and happiness, the best substrate for rosy boa should be sought. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best substrates that you can use for the best results.

Rosy Boa Substrate

Aspen Snake Bedding – 8 Qt

This is a quality product that is manufactured by professionals in the art of snake bedding making. This bedding has a 191% rate of absorption. It is also very unique in that it has a dust free rate of 99.9%. This means that the material used to make the bedding mimics the natural environment hence allowing the rosy boas to be able to build nests and burrow themselves just like they do in the natural environment. The product is nontoxic in that the oils used to make the product do not have adverse effects to your pet.

This makes it one of the best and safe beddings to use for your pet. Additionally, these oils are made from renewable resources. Moreover, it can be used for other pets like insects, tarantulas, tortoise, birds and lizards among other pets. When using it, the content of the package is initially emptied into the terrarium. It is then spread over the base of the tank up to a minimum depth of 2 inches. However, if the snake is large, you should spread it for a minimum of 4 inches. This keeps the snake happy and ensures good health as well as the best results.

Carefresh Pet Bedding

This is one of the healthiest pet bedding in the market. It is made using the reclaimed pulp. It has no toxins that pose a potential threat to your pet. Additionally, the bedding has no clay, dye or even inks. The cedar and pines that are used to make this bedding are processed in order to ensure that all the toxic oils have been removed hence ensuring safety for your pet.

During the process of manufacture, the fungus, molds and bacteria are removed by exposing the bedding to temperatures of around 110 degrees. It is able to control the odour of the pet and the surrounding by suppressing ammonia formation from the waste materials like urine produced by the pets. It is also long-lasting and easy to use hence ensuring good health and happiness for your pet.

Other Substrates

Other beddings for the snake can also be used to make it comfortable. Such beddings may include wood shavings, paper towels and newspapers among others. If you are using papers, make sure that you shred them properly to provide the pet with space where it can easily burrow. If you prefer to use the wood shavings, toxic woods such as cedar should never be used since they tend to adversely affect your pet. Also, make sure that the choice of wood you make does not release a lot of dust since dust is not ideal for post pets. Once you acquire the substrate of your choice, make sure that it is spread for a minimum of 2 inches. This makes it easy for the snake to burrow hence providing it with a feeling of security.

In every week, make sure that you spot clean the substrate for at least 2 times. Moreover, entirely change the substrate with the use of proper cleaning supplies for the reptiles for at least 6 to 7 seven times. The essence of cleaning is to get rid of the bacteria that may build up in the habitat hence making it lethal for your rosy boa. If you are unable to purchase cleaning solutions, you can always use a mixture of a few tablespoons of bleach, soap and a gallon of water. After washing, make sure that the gallon, the enclosure and the hides are thoroughly rinsed with plenty of water to remove all the cleaning agent. Finally, you can then dry the cage and spread a new layer of the substrate followed by your pet.


Rosy boas are some of the best pets that you can have. It is easy to take care of unlike most of the other snakes. Have you been looking forward towards having one, you need a good substrate that can make it happy and simulate a natural environment for the best results. We never fail you since we provide the best information that you need. Make your choice of one of the best substrates for you rosy boa provided in the article for the healthiest pet and the best results.

Cream for Nail Fungus Treatment

We all know that nail fungus is common to people and if not treated right, the infections can cause the nails to turn whitish or become brittle. Sometimes these infections infect the nails causing painful blisters all around the infected area. However, there exist prescription treatments that help kill the fungus surrounding the nails. Some of those alternative treatments include creams that are applied directly to the skin surrounding the nails.

Nail Fungus Treatment

Lamisil Cream for Toenail Fungus

One of the best cream for nail fungus is Lamisil cream. In many cases, the nails are going to change their colour and shape. After a while, the nails might become bloated and start emitting a noxious odour. Therefore, Lamisil cream is one of the best cream to treat the fungal infections which can also cause social humiliation. This is one of the most affordable and easiest cream for external application.

Also, you do not have to worry about any itch or pain after application since the product is applied directly around the skin surrounding the nail. Compared to other nail fungus creams, Lamisil is one of the most affordable products that hardly have any side effects and also treats any present and future diseases. Lamisil cream also contains a certain compound known as Terbinafine Hydrochloride which is the best in stopping any formation of ergosterol which is known to be the source of fungus.

Bifonazole Cream and Sets of Urea Treatment

Many people try to apply treatments that contain urea without any effective results in a long time. However, the best nail cream that can help in treating fungus in a short time resulting in the most satisfying results is Bifonazole cream that comes with a set of urea cream. This product contains antifungal effect and urea cream in it which is applied on the nails and afterwards bifonazole cream applied.

Again, the product does not only help in curing the nail fungus but it also helps in softening the nails. While applying the product, the affected toes or finger is first soaked in water for not less than ten minutes and later on dried, then the cream containing urea is applied and covered with a bandage and after 24 hours the toe or finger is uncovered and soaked in hot water again. This perhaps helps in softening the nails which are later scrapped off and later the bifonazole cream is applied for the next four weeks which treats the fungus infections for a very long term. You should get this package of bifonazole cream to get the most satisfying results.

Nystatin Cream

Why smear antifungal creams on your nails that do not penetrate through the surface of the nails and get rid of all the fungi infections under the nails? For a reliable best cream for nail fungus, try using nystatin cream. This nail cream contains medicated nail lacquer, ointments, and Imidazoles which are recommendable for nail fungus infections.

The cream helps in weakening the cell membranes in charge of fungal cells so you do not have to worry about the disease for the longest time. After the membrane is weakened, anything covering the cells starts to fall off and eventually the cell’s membrane of the fungal cells dies and the infections are cured. Again, according to the National Institute of Health, nystatin cream is non-toxic and does not have any drug interactions in it.

Clotrimazole Cream

It is not surprising that you try to cure nail fungus for a long time but infections still remain after the infections have gone. In order to cure this, clotrimazole cream is the best cream to use on your nails to get rid of the infections that might develop with time and to prevent any other infections that may come back. This is an antifungal medication that is also used to cure other diseases but best in treating nail fungus because it does not penetrate the nails and work best when applied on the surface of the nail skin as in athletes foot.

When applied on the skin surface, the product contains 1% cream with a small amount of alcohol which is applied the same amount, same times in a day by squeezing it against your fingers and then spreading it around the affected area of the skin covering the nails until it soaks into the skin. This cream might take long while killing the fungus, however, it is effective within the first week of application. Additionally, it is the best recommendable for children.


Do you want to have perfect nails with no fungus infections? Try using the above creams for nail fungus if the ones you tried never worked on your nails. To obtain the expected results, use the creams as directed. The above creams are best in the market for nail fungus infections which are highly effective and no any side effects. They are also easy to use with a painless procedure. If you are having nail fungus infections, try using one of them.